2. Favorite female character M’gann M’orzz/Miss Martian (Young Justice)

"It's not a lie! This is who I am!"



people who say “I’VE BEEN WAITING ALL YEAR” on a date specific gif are so sketchy. like have you really been waiting ALL YEAR for that one gif. have you really



i can’t wait for summer so i don’t have to worry about the homework i don’t do anyways

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im glad that hes evil but only cause it shows bretts awesome acting abilities but let him stay evil becasue then what was the point of pitting everuone through that

yeah and on the one hand i want him to rot in a crusty jail cell for eternity but on the other hand what if he breaks out so just kill him

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i mean i get the feelng that t hey want us to eb sympathrtic but hes killed people in cold blood you dont bounce back frm that

right like i don’t want to spoil the new episode for you even though it was not very good but like ward is the hugest piece of shit and he’s ready to straight up kill whoever and doesn’t even care like dude has problems there’s no forgiveness going on here

coulson couldn’t forgive may for lying to him to try to help him and look out for him and ward has killed people. he killed hand. he’s fuckin hydra. there’s no sympathy here from me he can go fuck himself if he gets redemption i quit everything

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Tripp the only guy with no drama and just trying to do his job. I don’t get all this hate

amen i thought the fandom was doing pretty good not super hating the main femslash pairing but it has only deteriorated with time

we should get that trending, i think trip is going to join the team after everything is said and done, and honestly, there is no going back for ward, and if they decide to do a redemption arc i may stop watching the show

yes we should we should make a gazillion edits just of tripp until people realize that they are dumb and tripp is great it’ll be fun

if they do a redemption arc then i will lose my faith in the ability of the media to tell a fucking story properly

i hate seeing posts like that in the tag, which is why i barely go to it anymore, and trip is so hot, like i want to lick him, and he’s been doing an amazing job at helping them and he’s not even really hitting on jemma anymore, which i like

yeah like yo i came here for lesbians not whatever this bullshit is

stop tripp hate 2k14

fitzskymmons replied to your post “why people hating on tripp??? he’s literally the best new addition…”

you’re my new favorite

i wasn’t before??? jk jk

but yeah i was seeing this in the skimmons tag and people were like “man i hope jemma gets with skye or fitz but not this random new guy” and it just really grinds my gears plus also he’s so pretty how can you not want to see more of his face??

i hope tripp starts getting some love soon for real