Boss fired language writer because he thought his article about homophones was about promoting homosexuality →

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i just. young justice is one of the most diverse cartoons i’ve seen and like—it has its flaws, of course it does. but people are out there complaining about how diversity is “too hard” and young justice does it effortlessly. in race and gender and disability—do you know how important it is to have an amputee who isn’t shown as a tragedy or an angel? to have a disabled mother who is the best mother her daughter could ever ask for and no one tries to question her capabilities as a mother because she’s disabled? to have a boy with ptsd triggered by something that seems so simple and harmless to everyone else—god, i am so, so glad that when they showed gar being triggered, it wasn’t a car crash that triggered him. it was just a waterfall. because that’s done by people who get how triggers work, and even though i wish they’d gone more into it, i’m so glad they had that moment.

there’s a girl who doesn’t speak english the entire show, and that is never demonized. it’s merely accepted and worked with—people saying things in english and then in japanese for her benefit.

there’s mexican characters, vietnamese characters, japanese characters, native characters, black characters, mixed characters—and they’re well developed with their own character arcs, not just background characters. some of them deserve more screen time than they got, but within the two seasons it had young justice felt more real to me than any other superhero cartoon or movie i’ve seen.

and that’s not even touching on the complex issues they tackled. tye is so important to me, because that was me. the teenager who walked out of their abusive home and never went back. i had to make that call to my aunt, like tye did to jaime, telling her i’d left and wasn’t going back.

the one thing i wish young justice could have done that it didn’t was queer representation. and i know the writers wanted to. i know that canonically they are queer characters in young justice, they just aren’t allowed to talk about it. and i hate that they were forced out of it.

but even without that, young justice is so important to me. and the fact that it was cancelled because the fandom was mostly girls—and really, was it a surprise? young justice was full of well-developed, interesting, and varied female characters—is probably one of the worst thing that’s ever happened to a piece of media i loved.


Sometimes I feel like this was the most important scene in the series because it shows how alike they are. They’re two men trapped in their joint destiny, hurtling headlong into things they can’t control with only each for support.

They didn’t choose each other but I feel like if they could do everything over, they’d still pick each other over everyone else.

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s03e03 - The Painted Lady

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Kara and Jason in Batman/Superman Annual 01

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Cassandra’s face couldn’t help but break into smile as she left the ice cream store holding her favorite flavor, chocolate. Honestly, to her, the day just couldn’t get any better. 

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What you’re feeling now, Rachel, is the unstoppable force. 

A pig that doesn’t fly is just a pig.


The Siege of the North, Part 1:

Chief Arnook: The day we have feared for so long has arrived. The Fire Nation is on our doorstep. It is with great sadness I call my family here before me, knowing well that some of these faces are about to vanish from our tribe. But they will never vanish from our hearts.

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The cast of Orange is the New Black for Entertainment Weekly.

I love that everyone’s wearing their uniform and Laverne’s like *bam* gorgeous dress *bam* diva *bam* goddess *kapow*

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